Clinical Services


We have both Consultants and Resident Doctors in different specialties. We run 24 hours coverage in the hospital.

  • General Out Patients Department: We have the General Out Patients Department that runs 24 hours every day; Treat Accidents and Emergency cases. Have several Consulting Units.

  • We have both Male and Female blocks where we admit patients according to their health problems (Medical and Surgical cases).

The VIP block for Male and Female.

  • We have the Paediatric block as well, where Children from 0 -16 years are admitted for their health problems.

  • We have the Ophthamology Department (Eye Clinic) that consults on daily basis. Consultant Ophthamologist conducts eye surgeries every Monday.
  • We also have our Theater Unit where all forms of surgeries are carried out.

  • We have the Central Sterilization and Supply Department (CSSD) where our cotton wools, guaze and all other dressing equipment’s are sterilized.