Consultancy Days

  • ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON: Concerns with correcting bone deformities and other bone issues. Consult and conduct surges on Wednesdays.
  • GENERAL SURGERY: Concerns with different types of operations such as appendiectomy, Hemioenhophy etc. every Tuesdays.
  • UROLOGY CONSULTANT: Concerns with any urinary disorders consults every Fridays.
  • E.N.T SURGEON CONSULTANT: Concerns with any abnormalities of the Ear, Nose Throat. Consults on Mondays.
  • OPHTHAMOLOGISTS CONSULTANT: Concerns with all eye related problem. Consults every day.
  • ANAETHESIOLOGIST CONSULTANT: Concerns with the administration of general anaesthesia before surgical operation and monitor peri-operatively.
  • CARDIOLOGIST CONSULTANT: Concerns with the structure, functions and diseases of the heart consults on Tuesdays.
  • NEUROLOGIST CONSULTANT: Concerns with diseases of the central Nervous system ie the brain and spinal cord etc. Consults on Fridays.
  •   NEPHROLOGIST CONSULTANT: Consults on Tuesdays and takes care of people with diseases of the kidney.
  • NEONATOLOGIST CONSULTANT: Consults on Wednesdays and manage infant’s age 1 day to 28 days.
  • PAEDIATRICIAN CONDULTANT: Consults on Tuesdays, takes care of older Children.
  • OBSTETRIST AND GYNAECOLOGISTTake care of Female with reproductive diseases and couples with infertility problems. They consults on Mondays and Fridays.
  • FAMILY MEDICINE: Consults on daily basis and are concern with all firms of medical illnesses.